MMO Disc ,Plate Anode Equipment on Ocean Vessel for ICCP

MMO Disc ,Plate Anode Equipment on Ocean Vessel for ICCP

Main highlights
1. Single MMO Disc Anode and Epoxy Resin Prepackaged Disc Anode are available as your request.
2. Long term partner-Corrpro, Catheco,K.C Ltd.etc.
3. You would get the professional and considerate technical/commercial service from Xi'an Taijin TEAM, and also get the competitive offer from the manufacturer, not a trading company
4. Welcome you have a chance to visit our factory to know better and further us^_^
Product description

MMO Disc ,Plate Anode Equipment on Ocean Vessel for ICCP

Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of mmo disc anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor marine anode, titanium plate, boat anode, ship anodes at competitive price.


TAIJIN disc anodes are designed to operate in fresh, brackish, and seawater environments, other suitable applications include: marine structures, water tanks, and vessels. With an optional primary seal spacer gasket, it can be used on the inside of pipes, tanks, or other curved surfaces. Mixed Metal Oxide Disc Anodes include use in condensers of power plants, water tanks, marine structures and internal protection of pipes.


1)Coating: Iridium / Ruthenium

The recommended current density in soil/coke breeze is 100Amp/sqm, and 600Amp/sqm in seawater. The consumption rate is on the order of 1 mg/A-y.

2)Coating Serials

a)Iridium base oxide and Tantalum oxide
b)Ruthenium base oxide ,Iridium and other valve metal oxide

3)Coating thickness:

a)Iridium base and Ruthenium base coating: 5-8 microns
b)Platinum coating: as clients request


Taijin MMO Disc Anodes size is available in various diameters and current ratings are available upon request


Max. Current Density

Fresh water

100 A / m2

Brackish water

300 A / m2


600 A / m2

3.General type

Electrodes MMO Disc Anodes are available in standards diameters of 30 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm, 150mm, 275mm, 300mm, 400mm and 435mm. Other sizes and current ratings are available upon request.

• Long life;
• Low consumption rate;
• Dimensionally stable;
• Lightweight, easy installation;
• Significant economic Benefits.
• No voltage restriction

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