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Cathodic protection can select Taijin MMO coated tubular anode
Jul 03, 2017

       With other anodes do not have the advantages, MMO coated tubular anode has become the most ideal and most promising auxiliary anode material. In the field of cathodic protection, it is convenient for handling and installation because of the use of titanium as a matrix and thus easy processing into various desired shapes and light weight.

        MMO anode with excellent electrochemical and stability in the anode structure design, the anode and anode cable using the middle of the electrical connection, so as to avoid the existence of pure copper anode "necking" problem, suitable for deep and shallow buried surface plus Current cathodic protection system.


        Plus the current cathode protection with titanium anode with a strip, tubular and other appearance. Since the electrode surface is covered with a highly catalytically active oxide layer, the potential of the titanium substrate exposed at some of the defects at the surface usually does not exceed 2 volts, so that the titanium matrix does not produce a surface passivation film breakdown breakdown (in the soil When used, the applied voltage is generally controlled below 60 volts).


       Technical Parameters:

       The resistivity of the coating: 10-7Ω.m

       Service life:

       Under the protection of superficial soil and deep soil container, the anode for cathodic protection has a service life of 20 years at 100A / m2 current density.

       On the seawater medium under the conditions of cathodic protection with titanium anode, 600A / m2 current density, the service life of ≥ 20 years.

       Base titanium content: ≥99.60%


       MMO Titanium Anode Advantages:

       1, the electrode will not passivate and be dissolved, reliable performance, low price.

       2, low consumption, stable resistance, minimum voltage drop

       MMO Titanium Anode / MMO Titanium Anodes are generally used as an anode string for cathodic protection as an anodic anode for underground pipelines, seawater hull protection and other metal structures. By adjusting the composition of the oxide layer, it can be used in all natural environments.


       MMO titanium anode Applications:

       1, continuous horizontal bed, non-continuous horizontal bed, shallow buried vertical bed

       2, condensate tank, heat exchanger, water treatment equipment

       3, underground storage tanks, ground storage tanks, storage tanks

       4, ships, pavement, bridges, building steel corrosion and so on


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