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Xi'an Taijin independently research current cathodic protection with nanocrystalline coated titanium anode
Jun 27, 2017

        1. Technical preparations:

       Xi'an Taijin Industrial Electrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is well-known abroad ,we are a professional firms which has a certain impact on the coating anode development and production. It has been 18 years since the development of titanium anode, with a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. The company has completed the cathodic protection of the anode at home and abroad with the latest information on the subject we also have been a long time pre-research work. The electrolytic mechanism of titanium anode in different media such as sea water, soil and reinforced concrete has been clearly understood, and all the developing conditions have been obtained.


         2. personnel:

       The research personnel have many years engaged in the research work of anode doctor and master, senior engineers and engineers, they have rich theoretical and practical experience, hosted and participated in a number of national key research projects and a number of patents and the provincial science and technology achievement award. effectresults benefit

       Due to oil pipes, underground storage tanks, chemical containers and other metal corrosion caused by the loss can be as high as tens of billions of dollars every year all over the world,Cathodic protection is an effective way to prevent metal corrosion, current cathodic protection is nearly 20 years to develop new technology,If the technology is developed successfully, after the large-scale use of the product, only the oil and petrochemical industry will greatly improve the service life of the anti-corrosion facilities, the relative construction costs, various storage facilities due to leakage caused by security incidents, Affecting production and casualties and other issues will be significantly improved. At the same time a large number of marine construction, ships, dams, underground facilities, the level of anti-corrosion will be greatly improved, the indirect benefits will be very large.

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        4.Economic benefits

        We only take the construction of 5 million cubic meters of crude oil tanks as an example, according to technical design requirements, it is necessary to tie titanium belt anode nearly 160 thousand meters, about 5 million worth. This shows the market demand of this technology and the economic benefits that can bring.

       With the 18 years history, TAIJIN Company exclusively in research and develope on Dimensionally Stable Anodes(DSA)— Platinized and Mixed Metal Oxide activated titanium anodes,repairs and recoats used titanium anodes.

        Technical research and innovation are the cornerstones of TAIJIN 's success. 

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