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Development and Discussion of a Novel Titanium - based Lead Dioxide Electrode
Aug 21, 2017

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       Titanium-based lead dioxide electrode has attracted much attention because of its excellent stability, corrosion resistance, low cost and high oxygen potential.However, titanium-based lead dioxide electrode still exists some defects, such as: coating adhesion is low, easy to peel off, in the electrolysis process life instability and so on.


       For the life of titanium-based lead dioxide electrode, the application of a wide range of solutions are two:The first is added to the intermediate layer between the titanium substrate and Pb02 layer (or buffer layer), the inner layer and the outer layer of adhesive, to prevent electrolyte substrate diffusion effect, can solve the Pb02 layer easily from titanium matrix crack shedding problem in a certain extent. Most of the intermediate layer is heated by thermal decomposition. The commonly used interlayer is the Sn.Sb oxide layer. Sn02 has a gas evolution potential role adjustment, and can effectively prevent the diffusion of nascent oxygen: even in the thermal decomposition process of a small amount of Ti02 generation, because it has the rutile structure with the same Sn02, the lattice constant close to form a solid solution, improve the service life of the electrode into seoul. In addition, the addition of Mn02 interlayer between the Ti substrate and the Pb02 layer can also improve the overall electrode Intensive life.  The second kind is to doping the Pb02 layer itself. By introducing doping ions or doping particles in the process of electrodeposition of Pb02, the deposition method of the surface Pb02 is changed, the internal stress of the surface sedimentary layer is reduced, Life of Pb02 Electrode Deposition. For example, in the Pb02 electrodeposition process doped CeOq03) 2, the formation of Pb02. Ce02 complex, so that Pb02 electrode reinforced life is greatly improved; also by adding Pb02 in the electrodeposition of polytetrafluoroethylene or fluorine resin to improve the stability of Pb02 electrode reported.

       At present, the use of pure Sn-Sb oxide intermediate layer, or the existence of the Pb02 layer is not closely related to the problem, the need for further improvement of the middle layer.

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