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Does the sacrificial anode have other applications?
Sep 05, 2017

         as magnesium anode, aluminum anode, zinc anode ,These sacrificial anode in other aspects of whether there is application? Details are as follows:

       1、The sacrificial anode can be made into a grounding cell

 it is composed of two or four branches of sacrificial anode (with zinc anode), with persistent mat blocks, and pairs tied together, installed in the filled conductive filling material of the bag, the sacrificial anode is separated, each lead wire connected to the insulating joint or insulating flange on both sides once, a strong shock, a strong surge will be sent to the other side of the low resistance fillers, without destroying the protected structures. The wire of the earthing battery can be directly welded on the pipe, and can also be connected with the lead of the pipe through the test pile. The author advocates direct welding is more secure, otherwise the test pile is damaged by human, or the connection is bad, the grounding battery can not play a role.


       2、The sacrificial anode can be used as grounding electrode:

       In addition to sacrificial anode corrosion, also has a grounding function instead of conventional copper or steel grounding it has two advantages: (1) does not affect the cathodic protection of structures itself (2) without cathodic protection not due to grounding caused by galvanic corrosion of structures. It can be used in single, two or three series connection. During the construction, the author proposes the grounding electrode, with sacrificial anode, also use of filling material, it also has two advantages: (1) the grounding electrode direct contact with the soil changed by filling material to contact with the soil to further reduce the grounding resistance (2) due to the chemical composition of filling material further activation of grounding to avoid passivation, further reducing the grounding resistance. Reduce the number of ground electrodes.


       3、Reference electrode

       the zinc used as reference electrode must be Gao Chunxin (more than 99.995%) or zinc aluminum silicon electrode. In the soil, chemical packing material must be used. If the cathodic protection potential is relative to Cu/ saturation, the CuSO4 reference electrode is -0.85V, and the relative zinc reference electrode potential is +0.25V. I note that this value is the difference between the values when the open circuit potential of the zinc reference is -1.10V, that is, -0.85 1 (-1.10) =+0.25V. To maintain zinc reference in stable -1.10V, requires zinc reference electrode for buried in moist soil, if the soil is dry, zinc potential to shift to the positive direction, the baseline changes to make the numerical protection potential are changed, it is no longer +0.25V. This point should be paid attention to. It is necessary to use the portable Cu/ saturation CuSO4 reference electrode to correct the zinc reference potential.

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