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How does the harmful ion affect the titanium anode plate?
Jun 13, 2017

        There are many factors that affect the service life of titanium anodes, and today I will share one point with you

        Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of ICCP titanium anode. We will tell you how harmful ions affect the service life of titanium anodes

       If the solution contains a small amount: Pb2 +, Mn2 +, F-, Cl - ions, when electrolysis, Harmful ions will have a serious impact on the life of titanium anodes.

       When the solution contains Pb2 + or Mn2 +, Pb2 + or Mn2 + will migrate to the anode and oxidize to β-Pbo2 or α-Mn2. On the one hand, it will destroy the solid solution of the anode and destroy the hypoxic structure of the coating. On the other hand, β-Pbo2 or α-Mn2 + is unevenly attached to the coating, which seriously affects the distribution of the magnetic field lines, causing The local current in the anode increases sharply and part corrosion created.At the same time, part of the electrode reaction migrates from the surface to the inside of the coating , The pressure generated in the pores of the coating pores is very large, resulting in mechanical cracking of the coating.


       If the solution contains F-, Cl - ions, F -, Cl - ions in the electrolysis ,it will penetrate the coating, slowly with the substrate Ti reaction, generating H2 (TiF6) or H2 (TiCl6) and resulting in substrate corrosion, Coating becomes invalid.

       In addition, the regular parking will damage the anode,  the electrode polarization direction will be reversed when parking, the anode instantly become into the cathode, then produce H2, The anoxic structure of the anode coating will be damaged.

      Above is the anode often occurs some of the corrosion mechanism, which will have a significant impact on the life of titanium anode plate.



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