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How to arrange the anode and select the filling material
Sep 04, 2017

       This paper presents the performance of Sacrificial anode packing material, Anodic arrangement and the use of ribbon magnesium anodes.

         1、Sacrificial anode filling material

         Chemical filling materials contain many ingredients,In some formulations, the soluble salt content was higher, the dissolved water loss of these salts and the amount of filling materials decreased, and the initial effect was good. Then, with the loss of salt, the grounding resistance of the anode ground bed gradually increased.Gypsum powder is an important component to improve the performance of Zn anode, Mg anode, activation anode and make it dissolve evenly.Therefore, the solid line for many years proves that the best formula for filling magnesium and zinc anodes is the following weight ratio: raw gypsum: bentonite: sodium sulfate =75:20:5 ,which is appropriate.


       2、Arrangement of anodes

       Single or group can be embedded in the anode, the anode for buried group interaction field, several times the current group of several common anode emitted is far less than the single anode emits a current, anode utilization rate is too low. The increase of anode spacing in group arrangement affects the uniformity of the protective potential distribution, and the single branch distribution arrangement improves the utilization ratio of the sacrificial anode, and the distribution of the protective potential is uniform due to the reduction of the anode spacing. Practice has proved that it is superior to group arrangement.


         3、The use of ribbon magnesium anodes

         Ribbon magnesium anodes are manufactured with high-purity magnesium or magnesium and manganese alloys, and are potentially negative (-1.7V) for use in high soil resistivity environments, such as greater than 100.M soil. Single 0.37Kg/m, due to the large surface area per unit weight, the current output is large, the current output is as follows: when the soil resistivity is 50.M, the output current is 10mA/m; the fresh water resistivity is 150.M, and the output current is 3mA/m. This shows that it does not apply to environments with small electrical resistivity, because it consumes too quickly. The casing pipe can be used with magnesium, depends on the resistivity within the tube, if the medium resistivity enters the casing, ribbon anode consumption too fast, short life, as with the bulk anode tube with the same life, and cheap. The magnesium ribbon can be used as temporary protection or by polarization of the steel surface with the aid of a shorter magnesium ribbon.


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