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How to correctly use and maintain reference electrodes?
Sep 09, 2017

       Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of reference electrode.Share with you the correct use and maintenance of silver reference electrode and copper reference electrode.

       1. reference electrode should be used to pull the liquid inlet rubber plug, in order to maintain a certain gravity by the salt bridge solution and test solution to seepage flow path. The glass filler and rubber stopper should be regularly washed and preserved.

        2. when measuring the reference electrode surface should be higher than the measured saltbridge interface (2~3 cm), in order to prevent the liquid to the calomel electrode diffusion, such as to contain chloride, sulfide, complexing agent, and silver perchlorate salt in the solution will affect the inward diffusion of reference electrode potential.

       3., the solution of the reference electrode should prevent bubbles from being generated, so as to avoid the circuit breaking of the measuring circuit.


        4.The reference electrode electrolyte will often join, timely supplement, the concentration must be formulated in accordance with the instructions, such as saturated potassium chloride solution as a salt bridge to maintain excess potassium chloride crystal, as long as the operation is filled with a saturated solution of potassium chloride crystal bottle placed in warm water for potassium chloride dissolved after feeding. After cooling inside the electrode is potassium chloride precipitation.

         5. The electrode potential of the calomel electrode has a large negative temperature coefficient and thermal hysteresis, and it is necessary to prevent the caloric electrode temperature from fluctuating greatly during the measurement. To overcome this shortcoming, usually in the lower part of the calomel electrode with an elongated salt bridge, leaving the electrode at room temperature, and salt bridge solution temperature and the same solution. Accurate measurement of the mercury mercury electrode placed in the thermostat.

         6. The electrode of the liquid junction of the reference electrode is often blocked and the electrode impedance is increased, which often causes the indication value to fluctuate. In this case, it should from time to time to scale or replace the electrode. Only in the liquid side is not contaminated and kept smooth in order to maintain its correct measurement.

        7. Calomel electrode temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, if the measurement of the water temperature exceeds 70 ℃, should use silver - silver chloride electrode


        8. It is worth mentioning that silver-silver chloride electrodes are sensitive to silver-silver chloride electrodes, and many glass electrodes that use it as internal reference have transparent poles that, if calibrated, are exposed to sunlight, And then immersed in the solution measurement, leaving the sunlight, which will cause a few mV potential drift. If the electrode rod, put a black polyethylene tube, the problem can be solved.

       9. Solid reference electrode, in the electrode front hat should be filled with KCL solution, can not make it dry, before use should be placed directly in the electrode containing KCL solution for several hours

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