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How to maintain the copper sulfate reference electrode?
Aug 29, 2017

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       How do you maintain it in the use of copper sulfate reference electrode?

       1、First of all, the surface of the cu reference electrode should be kept clean. The plastic plug or rubber cap will be used to cover the multi hole plug when it is not applicable, so as to avoid being contaminated.

       2、Then, copper sulphate is replaced regularly and clean with a non-metallic abrasive material;For example, the use of silica sand instead of alumina sandpaper clean copper, if the solution becomes turbid, the drained and replaced the copper sulfate solution.


        3、Ensure that the crystals have not been dissolved in the solution; this saturated solution of copper sulphate prevents corrosion of copper, thereby stabilizing the electrode.

        In a contaminated environment, the electrodes should be maintained after use. Contamination of chlorinated compounds can alter chemical reactions. When the concentration is 5ppt, the reference potential becomes a mixed potential with -20mV deviation. When the concentration is 100ppt, the deviation is -95mV. In the construction of the cathodic protection works, a reference electrode should be prepared and if the electrode is lost, another reference electrode may be used to continue the work.

        4、When the reference electrode is used in the field, another new electrode needs to be prepared to calibrate the electrode used in the field. However, when the value between the calibrated electrode and the field reference electrode is more than 5mV, the electrode used in the construction site needs to be cleaned.

      Because the temperature and sunlight are different in the construction environment, it is necessary to correct the change of the potential. It is very necessary to record the temperature at the same time as the reference value of the reference electrode. When the reference temperature is higher or lower than the actual temperature value, it is necessary to add or subtract the temperature correction value of 0.5mV/ degrees F or 0.9mV/ degrees C when recording.


       5、In the use of reference electrode measurement process, you need to shield the electrode to avoid direct sunlight, you can use black tape to cover the transparent part of the electrode side. The different degree of sunlight irradiation, the reference electrode numerical measured will be different, in the condition of sunlight good environment of the reference electrode potential and no sunlight in the dark place of reference electrode values higher than 10 to 50mV.

       6、In a special environment and also should choose different types according to the different environment than the electrode, such as tank wall special reference electrode, which is measured by the cathodic protection potential in the tank wall or other water medium. The special reference electrode is constructed by fixing the pure zinc rods in a porous non-metallic enclosure to ensure that the electrodes do not have direct contact with the protected devices. The inner wall of the storage tank for the reference electrode potential in the sleeve, to avoid direct contact with the wall, the electrode potential is -1.10V CSE, a stable potential, or polarization drift is less than 5%, the structure of protection potential should be lower than +0.25V. The main electrode of reference electrode for tank wall is: A1 less than 0.005%, Cd less than 0.003%, Fe less than 0.0014%, Cu less than 0.002%, Pb less than 0.003%, and Zn is margin

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