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How to properly use and maintain titanium anodes to extend service life?
Aug 16, 2017

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      Titanium anode is the titanium-based metal oxide coating anode, metal oxide coating role is: low resistivity, with good conductivity (titanium itself, poor conductivity), precious chemical composition of the precious metal coating, crystal structure Stable, electrode size stability, good corrosion resistance, long life, with good electrocatalytic performance, is conducive to reducing oxygen, chlorine reaction over-potential, saving energy. Therefore, in the use of the anode process, pay attention to the protection of the anode surface coating is particularly important.


Titanium Titanium anode is used and maintained


Anodic matrix in the pickling is completed, in the process of processing or use the process, to wear a clean glove card

Live at both ends or at the edge of the anode, try not to touch the coating part of the protective coating surface is not any

What pollution or foreign body scratches. If it is scratched or damaged, then in the electrolysis process, the anode will first from

Damage at the site of corrosion, thus affecting the use of the effect of the whole anode.

The electrolyte should be stable, especially hydrogen ions and fluorine ions, otherwise it will seriously corrode the titanium matrix.

When the electrolyte enters the electrolytic cell, it is necessary to add a filter. It shall not contain more than 0.1mm of metal particles, so as to avoid the extremely short circuit of the Yin and yang due to too much accumulation.

The cathode attachment cannot be too thick, so as to avoid the pole spacing is too small or sharp metal generated due to anode short circuit breakdown.

The reasonable adjustment of the distance between cathode and anode, typically 5 to 25mm.

Try to avoid the guide, easy to cause the coating off, affect the service life.

Try not to stop the power down mode in the solution for a small current, plus the best around 5A.

Sheath plate.


The surface of the electrode plate when pickling or washing, pay attention to the protection of the surface, can not use sharp objects to scour.

The electrolyte when working temperature is not too high, the reasonable temperature 25 - 40 degrees celsius.

The attention of current density at work, maintained at 2000A per square meter, if the current is too large, causing intense reaction, affect the service life of the electrode.

The boot to electrolytic cell loading current, must be gradual, not one to a. Pay attention when you stop.

The boot to electrolytic cell loading current, must be gradual, not one to a. Pay attention when you stop.

Keep the electrode surface clean, not contaminated with oil or other attachments, so as not to affect the electrolysis effect and life.

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