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Knowledge about copper foil Q & A
Jul 21, 2017

       Q:What the first input price of 6mm FIP, 1mm thick plate and circular arc plate ?(anode seat, anode respectively offer auxiliary cost and working time), to replace the anode, the number of personnel. Which price is the most relevant?.

        A:The price is most related to the precious metal content of the titanium plate and coating. If the operation process is mature, the replacement of the three, working hours and the number of personnel is basically the same.

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        Q:what is the Coating service life (by KA.H), and then coating costs (according to the yuan /m2), DSA matrix life (use times)

        A:The service life of the coating 40000KA h square meters, again with a cost of 16000 yuan / square meters. If the 1mm titanium plate is used, no re coating is required. In other theories, the number of re coating is not more than 5 times.

          Q:Why are the types of DSA recommended, as well as the thickness of the substrate and coating thickness?

         A:According to the current trend of copper foil production, our company believes that the 1mm titanium anode plate is the best choice at present.

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        Q:According to your company other foil to understand the conditions of use: titanium supporting roll diameter, current density, temperature, distance etc.

        A:Our company is in accordance with the manufacturer's plate drawings for processing and coating, without too much experience in the design, but the basic conditions of copper foil production manufacturers are similar, depending on the production quantity and the thickness of copper foil as you required, the factory control conditions of larger scale than good.


        Q:My company's use conditions: matching titanium roller diameter 2700mm, current density of 5000-8000 A/ m2, the use of temperature 45-65 degrees, CuSO4, 55-100g/L, sulfuric acid 60-95 g/L, CL ion < 60ppm, require service life of more than KA.h

         A:The use of the company and other manufacturers basically the same, but Cl - ion high, will affect the polar plate life. Whether the guarantee of 40000KA h square meters of life, our company of anode use conditions have further requirements, such as the temperature of less than 60 DEG C; the impurity ions in the electrolyte requirements.

My company anode plate price is divided into three parts: matrix, titanium plate, material costs and processing fees, coating costs. DSA anode titanium plate material costs according to the market price of titanium to determine; processing fees according to the processing difficult to determine. At present our company price coating price is 16000 yuan / square meters. (valid for 1 months)


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