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Low Consumption deep well titanium anode of fresh water environment for cathodic ptotection
Jul 28, 2017

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         MMO cathodic protection deep well titanium anode

         Deep well anode is a kind of impressed current cathodic protection technology which is developed for deep well protection in china. Deep well anode refers to the top of the anode body of anode ground bed is larger than 15m, relatively shallow buried anodes for cathodic protection for structures in large long-distance pipeline, city network, hydropower engineering, surface areas of high soil resistivity of buried metal. It is one of the main technologies of long distance pipeline, city pipe network and regional protection. The influence of the deep well anode on the unprotected underground steel structure is very small, the investment is small and the terrain is not limited.

        There are advantages to it:

         1., small grounding resistance, small interference, energy saving, explosion prevention, and no excavation along the line.

         2., the protection effect is good, the output current is large, the current distribution is even, the protection distance is long, and the service life is long.

         Structure characteristics:

        1. deep well anode system is composed of deep well anode body, Fukai Yogoku, internal air conduction device, filling material, cable and well protection device.

         2. deep well anode according to the requirements, we can use precious metal oxide anode, high quality high silicon cast iron anode.

        3. noble metal oxide anode is a new anode of titanium base, iridium, iron and other noble metal oxide coating. The noble metal oxide anode has the advantages of light weight, good strength, high current efficiency, good conductivity, strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, strong anti C1 performance, long service life, and energy saving.


       Noble metal oxide coated titanium anode, recommended of size: 25 * 1000mm, the cable length can be customized according to customer requirements.

      The sea

      Cathodic protection titanium anodes for seawater


      Titanium anodes for impressed current cathodic protection of ships

       Since 1823, the British chemist Davy first made of cast iron and pure zinc protection wooden copper wrapping, cathodic protection technology has been rapid development, has been used in various industrial fields in the process of shipbuilding, cathodic protection technology has been widely used in ship, and loading are required for the implementation of cathodic protection. From the protection point of view, the hull, liquid tank and cooling system have adopted cathodic protection technology. After the cathodic protection has been carried out on the ship, a good protection effect has been achieved, in which the protection degree of the hull can reach more than 90%, and the protection degree of the ballast cabin can reach 50%-70% when the protection is reasonable.

         The sacrificial anode cathodic protection can also be adopted, and the impressed current cathodic protection can also be adopted. The sacrificial anode cathodic protection shall be applied in the ship liquid tank.

        Impressed current cathodic protection is achieved by controlling the corrosion potential and current density of the ship hull cathodic protection polarization, mainly by potentiostat, auxiliary anode, anode shielding layer, a reference electrode, and the rudder shaft grounding grounding device etc.


        MMO coating titanium anode with titanium metal matrix surface to oxides of platinum group metals with high catalytic activity for the surface coating, with output conductivity and good erosion resistance is small, not by the media itself, and the advantages of easy processing. It can be adapted to different environments, such as seawater, fresh water and other media.


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