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MMO Titanium Mesh Ribbon Anodes For Oil Tank Bottom
Jul 13, 2017

       The conventional cathodic protection method can be used for the tank with no impermeable film at the bottom of tank.At present, many new tank foundations are made of impervious membrane to prevent leakage of liquid pollution of groundwater and the environment.The thickness of the impermeable membrane is generally 60 mu m, buried in the sand cushion from the bottom of the tank 15~30cm.As the impermeable membrane has good insulation performance, if the traditional cathodic protection method is adopted, the cathodic protection current is difficult to reach the tank bottom. The latest technique uses a mesh anodesystem. Gridanodesystem is a mixture of metal oxide (MMO) ribbon anode and titanium metal connecting piece vertical cross ply, and at the intersection of welded, placed between the tank bottom and impermeable membrane or concrete foundation, from the bottom of the range can reach the minimum of 15 cm at the bottom of the tank below the mesh anode backfill sand. The anode band spacing is 1~5 meters. The mesh anode bac do not need to fill, but should be laid on the backfill in the sand. As the distance from the tank bottom is near, no stray current is produced (Figure 1).


         The specifications for mesh anodes are as follows:

         Base material: titanium band conforms to ASTM, standard, B265, grade, 1, or, grade, 2

        Coating type: IrO2-Ta2O5 -X

        Anode parameter

       Strip anode parameter







Surface area















The specifications of titanium connecting sheets are as follows:

Material: ASTM, standard, B265, grade, 1, or, grade, 2

Width: 12.7mm

Thickness: 0.9mm

Weight: 595.6kg/1000m

Resistance: 0.049ohm/m

        The mesh anodes cathodic protection system comprises a constant potential instrument, a mixed metal oxide anode network, a junction box, a reference electrode and a positive / cathode cable.

        The constant potential apparatus transforms the alternating current into a direct current, and the current output is controlled by a reference electrode. The cathode cable is connected to the storage tank, and the anode cable is connected with a mixed metal oxide anode network. The system work, the current from the anode to release in the sand and into the tank bottom, return to the potentiostat cathode by cable. When the current of the tank bottom reaches a certain density, the bottom board will stop corrosion.

        The mesh anodes cathodic protection system is the most economical and feasible method for the tank bottom . The utility model can not only control the corrosion of the storage tank, prolong the service life of the storage tank, and reduce the expenditure of the maintenance cost, but also can not be underestimated for the development of the national economy and the construction of the petrochemical industry.

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