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One Type of Cathodic Protection-ICCP
Sep 20, 2016

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

    • In this type of Cathodic Protection(CP), protection is achieved by connecting the protected structure to an anode bed through a transformer rectifier (TR). The anode bed is a series of buried anodes that are electrically connected and surrounded by certain backfill to reduce their resistance to the earth. The anode bed should be placed remotely from the protected structure.

    • Three types of anodes are used: Soluble anodes (aluminum and steel), semi-soluble anodes (graphite and high silicon cast iron (HSCI)), and non-soluble anodes (platinum, mixed metal oxide, and polymer)

    • The main component of this type of CP is the TR, which forces the current to flow from the anodes to the protected structure (cathode).

    • The type of anodes used depends on the chemical composition of the electrolyte, to which the substrate is exposed and the area to be protected.

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