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TAIJIN Electroplating anode for cathodic protection
Sep 07, 2017

      Taijin Industrial is the one of leading China manufacturer, supplier and producer of electroplating noble metal anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor electrolysis, electro-deposition, electrolytic deposition, acid copper, acid zinc at competitive price.

        What is electroplating? Why choose TAIJIN Electroplating anode for cathodic protection compared with Graphite as anode?

         In all electroplating applications, the operating principle is basically the same. The deposited metal is dissolved in the electrolyte, and the plated metal substrate acts as a negative electrode, and the anode is used as the positive electrode to form a complete current transfer cycle. The simultaneous chemical reaction with electroplating in an electroplating bath is to release oxygen at the anode surface. Such as: copper nickel electroplating; decorative plating (trivalent chromium electroplating, jewelry, glasses, metal plating; plating Home Furnishing) in different applications, barrel plating process; electroforming (dental products, contact and contact pin bushing etc.); hard chromium electroplating; special plating; electrodeposition; tin copper plating and so on.


Trivalent chromium plating

There are two main types of trivalent chromium plating process currently used in production: the chloride and sulfate system.  

       Two systems with different characteristics, solution conductivity, chloride coating system than white, using graphite as the anode, with low cost. But compared with the sulfate system, has the following defects: obvious

(1) chloride system in electroplating production process, will produce harmful CL2, cause two pollution;

(2) using graphite as the anode, the oxygen evolution graphite has high overpotential, easy to produce six chromium, and six chromium produced not only affect the stability of the bath, and the harmful substances in the electrolyte concentration is strictly limited;

(3) by deformation due to corrosion of graphite anode used for a long time, the anode area changes, resulting in the process is not stable, while producing sediment pollution bath;

(4) chloride has strong corrosive effect on plating equipment;

(5) need to use special system to purify the plating solution, the high cost of maintenance.


         TAIJIN Electroplating Noble Metal Anode is manufactured using titanium substrate which meets ASTM B348 Grade 1 or 2Standard and coated with Mixed Metal Oxides or Platinum on the external surface.

       Electroplated titanium anodes, please select Electroplating Noble Metal Anode,For more information about Electroplating Anode, please contact us

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