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TAIJIN MESH RIBBON ANODES are used in Cathodic protection materials for reinforced concrete and steel framed buildings
May 19, 2017

      Corrosion is probably the most significant cause of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures and masonry clad steel-framed buildings. Cathodic protection systems prevent corrosion of the steel and preserve the integrity of the structure.

       TAIJIN offers a wide range of materials for the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures and steel-framed buildings. Depending on the application and structure design, different products may be used. For impressed current cathodic protection systems, MMO Mesh Ribbon AnodeTitanium Mesh Ribbon) and ribbon mesh are popular choices, offering even and uniform current distribution.


        TAIJIN MMO Mesh Ribbon is a durable anode designed for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems of steel structures and steel reinforcement concrete. The MMO coating, with industrially proven lifetime characteristics, ensures an even current distribution.

       Taijin Company is SGS Verification Supplier, Bureau Veritas, ISO 9001, GJB9001A certified. Moreover, we passed the test of the third party- Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. Under the standard of MMO Mesh Ribbon Anode-NACE TM0294 and MMO Ribbon Anode-NACE Tm0108.


Standard Applications

       Titanium Mesh Ribbon is typically used in overlay systems for larger areas such as bridge decks. Ribbon mesh can be installed during

       the construction phase on rebar using plastic spacers before concrete pouring. It can also be installed after construction in pre-cut slots

Applications where TAIJIN anode and ribbon mesh have been used include:

Reinforced concrete, 
•Pier flood-control embankment


Quality Assurance of MMO Mesh Ribbon

Strict quality procedures are followed throughout the whole process from raw materials to finished products to ensure coating adhesion and loading.

1) Chemical Composition- ASTM B265 Gr1


Content %


0.03 Max


0.08 Max


0.015 Max


0.2 Max


0.18 Max


0.1 Max


0.4 Max



2) Visual Coating Uniformity, Color and Scratch

3) Coating adhesion Three Steps

First, feeling the surface of tubular anodes in a pair of white gloves to observe whether black mark is left on the gloves

Second, paste with transparent tape to observe whether black mark is left on the Tape

 Third, bend the ribbon to observe whether the coating fades


4) Accelerate Life Test

NACE standard TM0108-2008, 15000A/m2, 1mol/l Na2SO


        Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of mmo mesh ribbon anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor titanium mesh ribbon, ribbon mesh, conductor bar at competitive price.


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