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TAIJIN MMO Ribbon Anode for Cathodic Protection of ground storage tank
May 13, 2017

      TAIJIN supply MMO coated titanium anodes in the form of ribbon for the protection of the external bases of above-ground storage tanks. The MMO Ribbon Anode are suitable for joining to titanium conductor bar by spot welding to form a grid pattern under the tank which provides even distribution of current. The MMO Ribbon are suitable for direct burial in fine sand without carbonaceous backfill.

       TAIJIN MMO Ribbon Anode are manufactured using titanium substrate which meets ASTM

B265 Grade 1 Standards and TAIJIN Mixed Metal Oxide Coating.

       Here's a detailed description of the Coating Method,Working Environment,Working Current,Design Life,Nominal Dimension and Advantage of TAIJIN MMO Ribbon Anode which is used for Cathodic Protection system for storage tank.

MMO Ribbon Anode3.png

Coating Method:

Multi layer thermal decomposition of precious metal salts

Working Environment:

 Suitable for  Cl2&O2or combination of both

Working Current:

5.18mA/ft (17mA/m) and 12.8mA/ft (42mA /m) when operating at an anode current density of .278 A/ft2 (3 A/m2)

Design Life:

50 years when operating at an anode current density of .278A/ft2 (3 A/m2)

Nominal Dimension of MMO Ribbon

Width: 0.25” (6.35mm)

Thickness:   0.025” (0.635mm)

Standard Coil Length: 498 ft (152m)

Standard Coil Weight: 5.28 lbs (2.4kgs)

Surface Area of Ribbon: 0.014m2/m

Titanium Conductor Bar Dimensions

1)Width: 0.25” (6.35mm)

Thickness:   0.025” (0.635mm)

Standard Coil Length: 498 ft (152m)

Standard Coil Weight: 5.28 lbs (2.4kgs)

2)Width: 0.50” (12.7mm)

Thickness: 0.035” (0.89mm)

Coil Length: 498 ft (152m)

Coil Weight: 17.16lbs (7.8kgs)


Cathodic Protection of Tank Bases


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