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Taijin Titanium anode for pipeline cathodic protection
Jul 26, 2017

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        Titanium anode for pipeline cathodic protection

        MMO titanium anode has been used more and more widely in cathodic protection. It has the advantages of high current density, acid resistance and long service life. It is used in soil, pipeline and concrete. Cathodic protection is the application of cathodic polarization of the metal to protect the metal from corrosion. Generally two programs can be used to achieve:


        1、Impressed current cathodic protection

        Impressed current cathodic protection is the use of impressed current to protect the entire surface of the metal structure as a cathode. If the metal equipment is subjected to impressed current cathodic protection, the metal is connected to the negative electrode of an external power supply by a lead wire, and the other auxiliary anode is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply. At this time, the current flowing through the auxiliary anode in the electrolyte, cathodic protection are mainly concentrated in the metal, the metal cathode polarization, the current through the cathode and then back into power, so that the total potential of metal reduction. If the protective current is large enough, the original anode on the protective structure is no longer dissolved. At this point, only cathodic reduction occurs on the metal surface, and that is, complete protection is achieved. The cathode material is selected by hour hand, and the different use conditions are continuously developed and perfected.

         MMO coating titanium anode with titanium metal matrix surface to oxides of platinum group metals with high catalytic activity for the surface coating, with output conductivity and good erosion resistance is small, not by the media itself, and the advantages of easy processing. Can be adapted to different environments, such as soil, pipes and other media.

        2, sacrificial anode protection

        Sacrificial anode protection is to connect a potential more negative metal on the protected metal as an anode, which forms a large battery with the protected metal in the electrolyte. Pass through the electrolyte from the anode Annubar and into the metal equipment, and metal equipment of cathodic polarization and get the appropriate protection.



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