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Taijin Titanium Anodes for Waste Water
Jul 27, 2017

       Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of titanium anodes for removing Ca and Ma ions of waste waterTitanium Anode For Water Treatment Our company can offer you corrpro vendor removing Ca , Ma and algae at competitive price.

         Wastewater treatment technologies include sedimentation, filtration, flocculation, biodegradation, electrolytic oxidation, and other means. Electrolytic of wastewater, the electrode not only plays a role in the transfer of electricity, but also on the catalytic oxidation of organic matter degradation, which will not cause two pollution, it is known as green water treatment technology. For wastewater that cannot be treated with biological degradation,Electrolytic oxidation usually has remarkable effect,Therefore, electrolysis water treatment technology has become the research focus of water treatment technology, and has been more and more widely used.

         The basic principle of electrolysis water treatment technology is to make the pollutants on the electrode direct electrochemical reaction or indirect electrochemical conversion, that is, direct electrolysis or indirect electrolysis.


        (1) direct electrolysis

         Direct electrolysis is the removal of pollutants from wastewater by direct oxidation or reduction of them on the electrode. Direct electrolysis can be divided into anode process and cathode process. The anode process is that the pollutants are oxidized on the anode surface and converted into less toxic substances or biodegradable substances, and even organic compounds are inorganic, so as to reduce and remove pollutants. The cathodic process is the removal of pollutants at the cathode surface. They are mainly used for the reduction of halogenated hydrocarbons, the removal of halogen and the recovery of heavy metals.

        (2) indirect electrolysis

         Indirect electrolysis refers to the use of electrochemically produced redox substances as reactants or catalysts to convert pollutants into less toxic substances. Indirect electrolysis can be divided into reversible process and irreversible process. Reversible process (media electrochemical oxidation) means that the redox substance can be electrochemically regenerated and reused in the electrolysis process. The irreversible process is to produce the irreversible electrochemical reaction process of substances, such as chlorate, with strong oxidation of hypochlorite, H2O2 and O3 oxidation of organic compounds, intermediates by electrochemical reaction can produce strong oxidizing, including solvated electron, HO, HO2, O2- and other free radicals.

The new treatment of water by electrolysis has the advantages of no need to add chemical agents, small equipment, small footprint, no two pollution, and has been used to treat organic wastewater containing hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers, phenols and so on. The removal of COD mainly depends on the oxidation reaction on the anode surface. The organic compounds are oxidized and degraded directly on the anode surface, so that the organic compounds in the sewage can be converted into CO2 and water directly or indirectly through electrochemical conversion. The anodic potential must be higher than the decomposition potential of the organic matter, so the anode is the two competitive reaction of organic oxidation and oxygen evolution. The shape of anode is plate type, tube type, net type and so on. It can be chosen by users and has reliable quality. Titanium matrix can be reused.

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