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What are the advantages of taijin MMO Wire Anode
Jun 15, 2017

       Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of mmo wire anode. Our company can We can share some knowledge about mmo coated titanium anode, tank cathodic protection, titanium wire anode, water heater mmo wire, mmo wire for solar water heater, water electrolysis mmo wire .

         First we present Data Sheet of MMO Wire Anode


Titanium ASTM B863 Gr1



Anode Coating


Multi  layer  thermal  decomposition

Coating Method

of  IrO2/Ta2O5   and  other  precious


Anode Design Life

≥ 25years

Anode Consumption

≤ 6mg/A.a

Output Current(Maximum) in Petroleum



Net weight


Coating Area


        MMO wire anodes are available in two standard sizes, with two standard current ratings. Other sizes and rating are available upon request.

       TAIJIN MMO Wire Anodes are manufactured using titanium substrate which meets ASTM B348 Grade 1 Standard and coated with Mixed Metal Oxides on the external surface. We manufacture two diameter:1.5mm and 3.0mm


Approximate electrical resistance @ 25°C of wire is:


1.5mm diameter

- 751537 microhm/ft

3.0mm diameter

- 181884 microhms/ft

Environment (anode maximum operating current

Current output/m

Current output/m


1.5 mm dia wire

3.0 mm dia wire

In carbonaceous backfill (current density of

50 A/m2)

0.25 A/m

0.5 A/m

In petroleum coke backfill (current density of

100 A/m2)

0.5 A/m

1.0 A/m

In fresh water (current density of

100 A/m2)

0.5 A/m

1.0 A/m

In seawater (current density of 600 A/m2)

3.0 A/m

6.0 A/m


Design Life: 20 years + when operating at an anode current density as above.

Anode life can be extended up to 30 years or more by increasing the thickness of the MMO coating.


      MMO wire anodes can be manufactured to provide a low resistance continuous anode by attaching the wire anode at frequent intervals to an insulated carrier cable. In this way the main anode /groundbed current is carried by the copper conductor thereby keeping the voltdrop in the wire anode to a minimum and evenly distributing the current along the length of the anode.

         The  MMO wire anode can be installed alongside poorly coated or shielded pipelines where effective protection may be difficult to achieve.  Both on single and multi-parallel pipelines, safe levels of protection can be restored along the length of the pipeline parallel to the anode. The system avoids difficult and expensive field recoating and greatly reduces environmental disturbance.

      The  MMO wire anode is manufactured in coils or on drums and is available in lengths up to 100m. Several anodes may be easily connected together using standard spice kits to make a longer anode

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