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What are the components of the meshed anode cathodic protection system?
Jul 24, 2017

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As a professional mmo mesh ribbon anode producer, share with you Composition of meshed anode cathodic protection system:


Adopting the meshed anode cathodic protection method is the most reliable way at present. In this way, there is no need to use the anticorrosive coating on the bottom of the tank bottom, which will save a lot of money.If the anticorrosion layer is used without cathodic protection, the coating will inevitably destroy ,then form a big cathode and small anode, it will speed up the corrosion perforation of the tank. Therefore, the application of cathodic protection to tanks is an economical and reasonable anti-corrosion measure.

The system will include: potentiostat,

 precious metal, junction box ,reference electrode and  Positive / cathode cable

1. potentiostat to convert AC into DC, a reference electrode to control the current output cable is connected to the cathode tank, anode cable noble metal oxide anode network, when the system works, the current from the anode to release in the sand and into the tank bottom, return to the potentiostat cathode by cable. When the current of the tank bottom reaches a certain density, the bottom board will stop corrosion. Constant potential apparatus is best installed in the room outside the explosion embankment.

At the bottom of the tank below the 2. anode backfill sand. The anode band spacing is 1--5m. The anode network do not need to fill, but should be laid on the backfill in the sand. The distance between the anode net and the tank bottom is generally 150--300mm, and there is no stray current due to the short distance from the bottom of the tank.

2.1 noble metal oxide anode band (Corr, Tape, XX) is made of precious metal oxide (TIR2212) coating on the surface of titanium alloy. The specifications are as follows:

Ingredients: ASTMB265, titanium equivalent radius: 2.2 m

2.2 titanium Bar (Corr XX): titanium connecting plate and the vertical band of vertical cross and welded together, specifications are as follows:

Ingredients: ASTMB265, titanium equivalent radius: 4.4 M

3. anode cable joint (Corr, Feed, XX):

The cable is a double PVC copper core cable whose length allows the cable to be connected to the junction box with a cross-sectional area of 10mm2. The end of the cable is connected with a titanium rod with a diameter of 6mm and a length of 100mm, and the titanium rod is welded with a section of titanium connecting piece. Welding of titanium sheet to titanium joint on anode net. Generally use 3 anode cables, one is to ensure the reliability of the system, and the two is to make the current distribution more uniform.

4. reference electrode (Corr, Cell, XX):

The pre packaged copper / copper sulfate reference electrode, error 10%. mounted in a packing bag, cable and a 6mm2 area. Before the installation of water for 15--20 minutes. 3 commonly used reference electrode are respectively embedded in the center and at the edge of the tank bottom.

5. test junction box (Stds JBX):

Test junction box with corresponding terminals for electrical connection and measurement of protective potential.

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