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What are the considerations for maintaining platinum titanium anodes?
Aug 18, 2017

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        As the anode used for electroplating, the platinum titanium anode used for chromium plating has greatly improved the quality of chromium layer because of its good conductivity, difficult passivation and no lead anode lead chromate. It has its irreplaceable advantages. But in the process of maintenance, it is easy to make the platinum layer fall off and affect its service life. Therefore, the maintenance of platinum titanium anode is very important.

  1. platinum titanium anode Maintenance Notes

       (1)The platinum titanium anode because they do not have to maintain the role of trivalent chromium chromium, so in platinum and titanium anode lined with titanium anode area area of 1/20 bars. The lead role is to maintain the stability of trivalent chromium, so every three months must remove a clean, or not conducive to the stability of trivalent chromium, affecting the normal use of platinum titanium anode.

       (2)Platinum coating on platinum titanium anode is very thin, its main function is to prevent direct contact between titanium and chromium liquid, resulting in anodic passivation, so measures should be taken in order to avoid mechanical damage to anode. Such as avoid using a wire brush wire brush, a sharp tool or friction items of platinum and titanium anode.

        (3)The platinum titanium anode is connected to the anode copper by copper or titanium screws, should always check all contact points in the work, to prevent the screw loosening or fracture belt. These undesirable contacts can lead to poor electrical conductivity, local heating, scalding, damage to the anode, or local passivation.

        (4)The Pt / Ti anode belongs to the chemical properties of precious metals, precious metals generally easily with hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to produce chemical reaction, so in the daily work should pay attention to the quality of demineralized water, avoid chromium chloride ions into the slot; the cleaning anode, prohibit the use of hydrochloric acid etching, the reason is the strong permeability of hydrochloric acid and easy with platinum weak erosion effect of titanium, platinum and titanium anode service life, should be used to rinse and dilute sulfuric acid solution and dilute sodium hydroxide solution, after cleaning the pH should be between 6-8.

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2. general process of platinum and titanium anode maintenance

Routine maintenance

        A. check whether the conductive points are normal; 

        B. check the anode color is normal black brown; 

        C .check tank voltage is normal; D check the quality of demineralized water is qualified.

        Quarterly maintenance

        A .remove the anode, check all conductive contact points, replace the copper strips and titanium screws that are not available, and polish all contact points.

        B. clean lined lead anode, lead lead chromate precipitation completely polished, ensure that the lead anode intact.

        C .soaked the platinum titanium anode in 5% dilute sodium hydroxide solution and wiped it with a soft cloth or sponge to assist the reaction to remove the surface chromate (because the anode was acidic).

         D. neutralizes the residual sodium hydroxide solution on the anode surface with 5% dilute sulfuric acid solution. E flush the anode with plenty of water until it is clean.

         According to this maintenance method, the service life of platinum titanium anode can be extended to more than 5 years.

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