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What are the two main parameters of the ship's cathodic protection?
Aug 22, 2017

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        Do you know what are the two main parameters of the ship's cathodic protection?

        Here's the answer

       Impressed current cathodic protection, by adjusting the protection potential and current protection to protect the hull plate, so the most basic and most important of the two parameters: protection voltage and current density.

       (1) protective potential

The protective potential varies little depending on the nature of the metal and the nature of the medium in it. Usually the optimum protection potential (the potential of the hull plate versus the silver / silver chloride reference electrode) -0.75~-1.00V, the ICCP control instrument - the potential voltage range of the potentiometer is + 2V.


        (2) protective current density;

Protection of the current density, in addition to the nature of metals and media, but also affected by the environment, change greatly, may include:

      When the current density is 150mA/m2 in the quiescent sea water,

        A .can reach the protection potential (-0.80V) quickly. But if the current density is less than 40mA/m2, the protection potential can hardly be reached.

       B, the surface of the hull plate, the type of cover, the integrity of the cover, and so on, affect the optimum current density to a great extent. For example, with the current density required for complete paint plate, much smaller than the bare plate: in still water, coated with three two poly ethylene acetylene coating plate, current density 0.35mA/m2 can immediately achieve the protection potential; and the bare steel plate is 154mA/m2, 400 times. Again, the same in still seawater: coated with three poly two vinyl acetylene coating plate, current density 0.11mA/m2 as long as a few hours to reach the protection potential; and bare steel, current density as high as 45mA/m2 also need about 9 days.

         C, the sea water is mobile, and the current and the wind and waves are large and small, the ship sometimes moored, sometimes sailing, and the speed is slow, all affect the best protection current density. For example, the protective current density required for inclement weather navigation and ice breaking navigation is significantly higher.

The salinity of sea water in D and different sea areas is different. The temperature difference of sea water in different seasons will affect the best protection current density.

In order to protect the current density, it is necessary to consider the above factors comprehensively, and a large amount of practice can be used to obtain more practical data. The manager of the impressed current cathodic protection device should adjust and adjust the relevant parameters of the equipment to ensure its full play. Compared with the common silver / silver chloride reference electrode, the protection current density should be protected potential -0.75~-1.00V, the best protection current density is 30~60mA/m2, and it is suitable for our country to choose 40~60mA/m2.

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