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What is Flexible Anode System?
May 05, 2017

       As we all know,Flexible Anode apply on cathodic protection system for storage tank base and Pipelines.

       What is Flexible Anode System?Answer by professional of the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of anodeflex, mmo wire, mmo flexible anode, iccp anodeflex

       Flexible Anode is an impressed current, flexible cable anode system for use in cathodic protection of buried structures. Placed alongside a pipe or other buried metal structure, AnodeFlex provides uniform cathodic protection to every point, with a minimum of interference from adjacent structures.

       The four basic elements in the Flexible Anode system:

       1.A high performance coke breeze serving as the active matrix in which the anodic reactions take place.

       2.A copper conductor serving as a low resistance busbar to deliver the required urrent over considerable distance without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop.

       3.A special conductive polymer that seal the conductor from chemical attack, yet allows current to flow from the conductor to the environment all along its length.

      4.A fabric jacket to hold the coke breeze in place around de anode cable. This jacket is designed to resist electrochemical attack, but to allow current flow from de anode to the surrounding soil.

       detailed of our MMO Type Flexible Anode Products

       Introduction to product

       1) Basic structural components:

       Internal cables, MMO wires, pre-filled calcined petroleum coke powders, fabric coating layers and long fiber braid.

       2) Internal cables:

      No-stop inner cables provide stable current for the anode; and 13 strands of copper wires are hinged to ensure the flexibility.

       3) MMO wires:

       As an anode body, it is a mixture of iridium/tantalum oxide coated on the surface of titanium wires.

      4) Calcined petroleum coke powders:


The contact resistance between the auxiliary anode and soil is reduced;




is   performed   between


carbon   powder


the  auxiliary













the  protected  matters



subjected  to

electrochemical corrosion and prolong the service life of the auxiliary anode

      5) Fabric Jecket:

      The carbon powder shall be coated around the anode in a circular shape and with certain filling density, so as to make the carbon powder not moved, loosened and dropped off in the process of storage and transportation, construction and use to affect the normal use and service life of the flexible anode.

        It shall have excellent wear resistance, puncturing resistance and mechanical strength; It shall have corrosion resistance, which is very important to apply under water.

       6) Protective braid:

        During construction and erection, the textile coating shall be prevented from wear flexible anode, so as to further restrain and fix the carbon powder and the fabric coa

        It shall have excellent wear resistance and mechanical strength; ·It shall have corrosion resistance, which is very important to apply under water.


     Applications of product

    1) Cathode protection of buried steel long-distance pipelines (oil, gas and water);

    2) Cathode protection of large-scaled steel storage tank floor;

    3) Cathode protection of dense pipeline regions, such as stations,power plants and chemical plants.

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