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What is sacrificial anode?
Aug 30, 2017

       As a professional production of sacrificial anode cathodic protection factory,, Taijin Industrial is the one of the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of sacrificial anode. Our company is not only offering a price advantage to sacrifice anode suppliers, but also provides professional knowledge and services about magnesium anode, aluminum anode and zinc anode.

         I. application range of sacrificial anode

         SY/T0019-97 (Specification for design of sacrificial anode protection for buried steel pipelines) general provisions:

        The protective pipeline shall have a good quality covering, and the resistance of the cover of the new pipeline shall not be 1000.M2, otherwise the sacrificial anode shall not be adopted. For old pipelines, decisions should be made on the basis of specific needs.


       When soil resistivity is greater than 100.M, the sacrificial anode should not be adopted.

       The above two instructions: sacrificial anode is suitable for occasions with good coverage and low soil resistivity. Otherwise technically infeasible or economically unreasonable. Normally, forced current cathodic protection is not subject to this restriction.

         2, the application of sacrificial anode selection: according to the above standards


         Application selection of sacrificial anode species in soil

Optional anode type

Soil resistivityΩ.m

Ribbon magnesium anode


magnesium (-1.7V)




magnesium (-1.5V)


magnesium (-1.5V)、锌




        It is known from the table that magnesium anodes are used in high soil resistivity and fresh water; zinc anodes are used in low soil resistivity, sea water and salt water; aluminum anodes are not suitable for use in soil and can be used in sea water.


       3、 the sacrificial anode works under the heating condition

       The electrochemical performance of magnesium, aluminum and zinc anodes decreases at room temperature. As the temperature increases, the intergranular corrosion tendency increases, and the current efficiency decreases. Use of high temperature resistant zinc anode limited zinc content of aluminum, no intergranular corrosion, very low current efficiency. The polarity of the pure zinc anode will be reversed under the heating condition. As the temperature increases, the aluminum anode and the magnesium anode increase, the self corrosion increases, the current efficiency is lower than 50%, and the anode dissolution is uneven.

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