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What is the advantage of using flexible anode for cathodic protection of tank?
Aug 25, 2017

        As a new type of auxiliary anode, flexible anode is a new kind of material that is newly developed. Its mainly offer you corrpro vendor cathodic protection system for storage tank base,What are the components of a mmo flexible anode and what are the advantages of anodeflex over conventional cathodic protection methods?

        The basic structure of flexible anode is: internal anode core + filler coke powder + external wrapping fabric + external mechanical woven protective net, because of its flexible bending, a thick cable and a flexible anode cable or shaped anode.


       The auxiliary anode has just begun to appear in order to prevent the aging of the old pipes. The protective current will become larger, and the conventional methods can not be solved at all. Through the practice research found application prospect of flexible anode is very broad, flexible anode posed a threat to the traditional cathodic protection method, it can successfully solve some of the traditional cathodic protection method can not do the problem.


Its scope of application includes:

(1)An old pipe with an aging covering;

(2)Complex network of pipes;

(3)Storage tank bottom outer wall;

(4)Long distance and small spacing parallel pipes;

(5)High resistivity environment.

(6)The outer surface of the tank bottom cathodic protection of steel

(7)The tank cathodic protection project construction site

For tank bottom cathodic protection, the concentric annular ring at both ends of wire laying, separate leads cable to the tank and junction box, each ring with lead custom length, taijin prefabricated connection, and in accordance with the specifications of tank complete delivery, on-site without connecting wires, can be directly laid.


(8)We have a dense buried steel pipeline in petrochemical station regional cathodic protection

Due to the regional cathodic protection of oil and petrochemical stations in densely buried steel pipelines, it is very difficult to adopt conventional distributed anodes. This is due to the buried pipelines are densely distributed, the diameter is not a multi field pipeline coating, coating, quality is difficult to guarantee, and the grounding system is numerous, making the station pipeline problem intensive regional cathodic protection shielding, prone to interference, uniform state so that the protection potential is difficult to achieve the ideal.


       With the flexible anode as the main protection method, only the flexible anode can be installed along the protective pipeline in the station, the technical difficulty of using the traditional distributed anode can be overcome effectively. The design success rate is guaranteed. Because of the advantages of using flexible anode to implement regional protection, flexible anode protection is adopted in national key projects, such as west east gas pipeline and Guangdong pipeline network. At the same time, the economy is better than the distributed anode protection mode.

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