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What is titanium anode?
Jul 31, 2017

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      The titanium anode is the anode in the titanium based metal oxide coating.According to their surface catalytic coating, they have function of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution respectively. The general electrode material has good conductivity, a change from small, strong corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and good processing performance, long service life, low cost, has good electrocatalytic properties of the electrode reaction,At present, titanium is the most suitable for the above comprehensive requirements of the metal, generally using industrial pure titanium TA1\TA2

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       Metal oxide coated titanium anode on the effect is: low resistivity, good electrical conductivity (Ti itself poor conductivity), stable chemical composition of noble metal coatings, stable crystal structure, electrode size stability, good corrosion resistance, long service life, good electrical catalytic performance, is conducive to reducing potential analysis of oxygen and chlorine evolution reaction, energy saving.

      What are the advantages of titanium anodes?

       1, the titanium anode has long service life, the production of chlor alkali industry in the corrosion of metal anode diaphragm process, chlorine and alkali, anode life has reached more than 6 years, while the graphite anode is for 8 months only.

       2. It can overcome the problem of anodic dissolution of graphite anode and lead anode and avoid pollution to electrolyte and cathode products. Therefore, the purity of metal products can be improved.

       3, can improve the current density. The production of chlor alkali diaphragm method, current density of graphite anode for 8A/dm2 titanium anode can be multiplied, up to 17A/dm2, so in the electrolysis workshop, electrolytic tank under the same conditions, the yield can be increased by 1 times, improve the production capacity of the single slot, effectively improve production efficiency. It is appropriate to use titanium anode when operating at high working current density.

       4. Because of the use of metal anodes, the operation of high temperature and high current density in chlorate electrolyzer is possible. The adoption of the metal anode improves the structure of the electrolyzer, reduces the energy consumption and accelerates the chemical reaction of chlorate chlorate, thereby improving the production performance.


        5. The design concept and operation conditions of the salt bath are improved by using DSA, mercury and diaphragm. The energy consumption can be reduced. Because of the low overpotential of DSA and the easy removal of bubbles between the electrode surface and electrode, it is an important reason for the reduction of the electrolyzer voltage.

Because titanium anode has many advantages, its development makes chlor alkali industry obtain great economic benefits, so it will soon be used all over the world. Chlor alkali production capacity, around the world about 41 million tons / year, using titanium anode is not less than 70%, titanium anode is regarded as chlor alkali industry is a major technical revolution. Subsequently, titanium anodes have been widely used in many electrolytic industries.

       6, the size of the anode is stable, and the distance between the electrodes is not changed during the electrolysis process, so that the operation of the electrolysis can be ensured under the condition of stable voltage of the tank.

      7, it can avoid the short circuit problem after lead anode deformation, thus can improve the current efficiency.

      8 、 titanium anode light weight, can reduce labor intensity.

      9 、 the switch is easy to manufacture and can be highly accurate.

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