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What precautions should be paid attention to when using titanium anodes?
Aug 08, 2017

      What precautions should be paid attention to when using titanium anodes?

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        for the question ,answer is here:

        1. After the electrode is oxidized and sintered, the black surface is finished. The surface of the coating is blue and has no electrode performance, and the black one corresponds to the cathode.

        2, the titanium electrode substrate once completed after pickling, production process and use process of all, must be strictly careful, wear clean gloves and transport stuck at both ends or at the edge of the anode, the best contact in the coating, coating surface scratch prohibited any foreign body.

        Note: titanium matrix itself is not conductive, the outer coating of noble metal oxide coating has the electrocatalytic activity, conductivity, oxidation resistance, but its thickness is only 30 microns, such as from scratch or damage in the process of electrolysis, electrode corrosion damage from the first place, thereby affecting the quality and effect of the whole electrode the.

       3, the electrolyte to maintain stability, especially can not contain cyanogen ion and fluorine ion, these impurities will seriously corrode the titanium matrix;

          4, the electrolyte into the electrolytic tank before adding filter, can not contain more than 0.1mm diameter of metal particles, in order to prevent excessive accumulation and lead to the anode cathode short-circuit.

        5, electrolytic recovery of copper, nickel, gold, silver, cobalt and other metals, the cathode attachment may not be too thick to prevent extreme spacing is too small or sharp metal formation, resulting in Cathode and anode extremely short circuit breakdown.


         6,Cathode and anode spacing can be set according to actual production, generally in 5-25mm. Generally speaking, distance will increase the voltage drop, but should not be too small, otherwise the scale surface of the cathode cathode plate is easy to cause short circuit;

         7, avoid extreme use. Noble metal oxide coating once used as cathode, the surface of the reduction reaction, easy to turn into metal elements, and can not effectively combine with titanium substrate, resulting in coating loss.

        8, downtime should not be long in the power mode immersed in the solution, it is best to load a small current of about 5A to protect the polar plate.

       9. When stopping or other maintenance, add acid or clean the surface of the electrode with clean water, but not with nylon or mechanical material.

       10, the electrolyte temperature should not be too high, the ideal temperature of 25-40 degrees, you can add heat exchanger to maintain the best use of the electrode environment.

        11, the normal work current density 2000A/m within, the current is too large, resulting in too much reaction, shortening the anode life;

        12, when the boot, to the electrolytic tank loading current step by step, do not rise in place, when the shutdown is also vice versa.


        13, in the production of use, keep the anode clean, can not be contaminated with oil or other attachments, so as not to affect the electrolysis effect and electrode life.

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