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What you should know about copper foil questions and answers
Jun 17, 2017

        Q:Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages between FIP, 1mm thick plate and big circle arc plate

         A:FIP and 1mm thick plate working process and principle of 1mm titanium plate is basically the same,  to replace FIP products in recent years, 1mm titanium plate’s characteristics are: single use (no need to repair, because the repair will affect the quality of the coating material); low cost (material saving, simple processing); the production process, FIP with a thickness of 1mm the plate frame assembly is simple, easy to operate, but if the production process control is not good, there will be little trace of copper foil surface junction effect.


       The large arc plate material has the advantages of high cost, complicated processing and assembly, and too large one-time investment cost, but because the design viewpoint is corresponding to the semicircle arc of the cathode rod, the copper foil surface treatment is better.

        Q:what kind of relationship of the thickness of the coating and metal content (M and g/m2), life (of course, in the same condition)

        A:In general, the larger the metal, the thicker the coating, and the longer the plate life. FIP, 1mm thick titanium plate, big circle arc plate anode all have the same corresponding relationship (the anode life depends on the coating formula and precious metal quantity), the corresponding curve is shown below:


        Q:Please answer FIP, 1mm thick plate, big arc plate use, manufacturers, the first use of the year, quantity

        A:The arc is the earliest used by Japanese manufacturers as known Futian and Mitsui Corporation, probably at the end of 80s. Later, some manufacturers used FIP method to gradually replace the big arc plate. Such as: Formosa, American coconut in Tongling design of the production line and Shandong Zhaoyuan. In recent years, 1mm titanium plate began to gradually replace FIP in many factories, and large arc plate is still used by many manufacturers, but the new design mostly adopts 1mm titanium plate.


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