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why choose Taijin Water Treatment Titanium Anode For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
Jul 25, 2017

      The process of electrolysis of sodium salt into sodium hypochlorite is an electrochemical process,Its raw material is salt + water, without any additional ingredients, made into liquid, the quality is pure,Although the chemical principle is simple, but there are many technical indicators affecting the economy, so the design of electrolytic electrodes for sodium hypochlorite generator should be integrated with various factors,It is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of compact and reasonable structure, economical operation index, convenient operation and maintenance and long service life of equipment.

        Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor swimming pool disinfection, antifouling of swimming pool, sewage treatment plant electrolyzer, water treatment system, sewage removal at competitive price.

       I'll let you know later why choose Taijin Water Treatment Titanium Anode For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator


b)Concentration of electrolyte:30~50g/L


Titanium ASTMB265 Grade 1


       Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant, which can enter the bacteria and destroy protease. It has a strong bactericidal effect. Therefore, with the coating titanium anode as the core component, electrolytic dilute brine or sea water to produce sodium hypochlorite has been successfully developed. It is popular because of its high efficiency, low consumption and portability.

         Electrode process of sodium chlorate rash principle is the use of non diaphragm electrolysis, by homogeneous secondary chemical reaction of sodium hypochlorite. The anode's reaction principle is the electrolysis of sodium chloride (tablet form) into the swimming pool. In the electrolysis process, sodium hypochlorite is formed. The most suitable salt concentration is 3%-5%.. The electrodes used in the sodium hypochlorite generator are plate type electrodes and tubular electrodes.

        The anode material can be coated with titanium electrode. The titanium anode with mixed oxide coating has a long service life, and the overpotential of the titanium anode of the coating is relatively low, and the current efficiency of the chlorine removal is high, and the energy saving effect is good.

          The sodium hypochlorite generator is divided into two categories, sanitation, disinfection and environmental protection, according to their use. The titanium anodes produced by our company in the sanitary disinfection category refer to the sodium hypochlorite generator which is directly related to the health of the human body for the disinfection of drinking water, disinfection of sanitary utensils and tableware, disinfection of vegetables, fruits and food, etc.. Environmental protection means the sodium hypochlorite generator for industrial waste water treatment, hospital sewage treatment and other industrial sectors that use sodium hypochlorite solution, which have no direct relationship with human health. Requirements for specification, shape and coating properties of titanium anode can be processed according to customer's needs.



      Ruthenium iridium anode plate, iridium tantalum anode plate



       Potable water and sewage treatment, marine power stations, cooling water treatment in petrochemical and refining plants, swimming pool disinfection, shipboard sewage treatment, hull fouling prevention, etc.


        The utility model has the advantages of no chemical erosion, safe use, low material cost, easy installation, avoiding gas leakage, danger, scale removal, sterilization and disinfection, good effect of Yin protection, corrosion resistance, long service life, energy saving, electricity saving and high current density

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