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why do we choose TAIJIN Platinum plated titanium anode In the electroplating industry
Jul 15, 2017

       Platinised titanium anodescombine the excellent electrochemical characteristics of platinum with the good corrosion qualities of titanium.TAIJIN Platinum plated titanium anode is manufactured using titanium substrate which meets ASTM Grade 1 or 2 Standard and coated Pt on the external titanium substrate’s surface.

       In the electroplating industry, why do we choose  pt ti       anode? What is it good for? What factors should be considered when considering lead anode conversion to  platinized titanium electrode?

       The answer is here:

       Production Examples of the Benefits of  platinised titanium anode

       A hydraulic piston manufacturer needed to scale up production but had restricted space in the electroplating department that would require major investment to expand the plating area to increase the number of plating baths. With lead anodes the customer plated 6 pieces per batch, by using cylindrical shaped platinised titanium mesh anodes the customer was able to increase the loading per batch to 14 pieces. After successfully converting one plating bath the customer converted the remaining baths at his facility and ran the operation for 10 shifts per week for 5 years before it became necessary to replace any platinised titanium anodes. This conversion has lead to considerable cost saving in both capital investment and operating cost.

        Another company had a requirement to coat six small cylindrical faces of varying diameters distributed along the axle of an aircraft landing gear. Traditionally the customer masked the areas that should not be chromium plated and then used a secondary grinding operation to achieve the required specification for chromium thickness. To eliminate the masking operation a platinised titanium anode was constructed that consisted of six individual cylindrical mesh anodes. For all areas to be plated equally the distance between anode and cathode is the same and therefore a uniform thickness of Chromium is deposited at every cylindrical face, significantly reducing the secondary grinding operation. Following the success of the first anode the customer has subsequently replaced all their lead anodes for specially constructed platinised titanium anodes reducing throughput time and the number of manufacturing operations.


       Where platinised titanium anodes are used as a replacement for lead anodes consideration must be given to several factors to ensure that the technology is utilised to its full potential – a change in plating process is necessary and, as such, the whole plating set-up and its costs need to be considered to maximise the return on the investment in these anodes.

Consideration should be given to:-

•Thorough cleaning of the plating tank and associated equipment with an adjustment of the residual lead concentration

•Bath/Electrolyte composition and operating conditions

•Current Density and operating Voltage

•Anode design

      The service life of platinised titanium depends on both the electrolyte matrix and the applied current density. Therefore, in fluoride containing baths and at current densities >75 A/dm2 platinised niobium is recommended in preference to platinised titanium.


       Platinised titanium and niobium anodes are completely or partially covered with a few microns of platinum (usually 2.5-m). Where the platinum is consumed after years of use, the underlying titanium or niobium passivates and the bath voltage rises at constant current operation. The base metals are not attacked at the usual operational voltages, in fluoride free chromium baths.

        For most applications the platinum wear rate is very low and the corresponding anode life time high. In sulphuric acid chromium baths the platinum consumption is between 1g and 4g platinum per million amp hours.

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