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Why the platinum plated titanium anode is the best choice for cathodic protection in sea water?
Aug 04, 2017

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         Platinum plated titanium anodes are widely used as auxiliary anodes for cathodic protection of sea water.The platinum plated titanium anode has good chlorine discharge performance, it is variable in size and light in weight and suitable for use in the ocean.Two nitroso acid plating platinum diamine as main salt solution in preparation of Pt Ti anode, the electrochemical properties of Pt Ti anode in artificial seawater test. The developed Pt Ti electrode has a bright surface and a good bonding between the coating and the substrate. The coating thickness is up to 5~10 m, and the electrochemical performance in the artificial seawater is stable. The loss rate is 6.0225mg A.a.

         Cathodic protection is the use of additional DC current or sacrificial anode to protect the metal into a cathode, so as to reduce or eliminate corrosion of metals. Seawater is a complex solution with many salts. Therefore, the electrode reaction is very complicated, including anodic reaction, cathodic reaction and reaction in solution.

        The anodic reaction: 2Cl- you Cl2+2e

        The cathode reaction: reaction 2H2O+2e H2 - +2OH- solution: Cl2+H2O * HClO+Cl-+H+HClO * H++ClO-


         In addition, oxidation at the anode has the oxygen evolution reaction and Mn plasma reaction, and the reaction of chlorine and water and generate hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid, resulting in anode surface acidity increased, accelerated the failure process of the anode, which is a common electrode as anode causes short life in the sea. The platinum electrode of Baoji Olympic bid company has stable electrochemical performance and is an ideal insoluble electrode. It can be used in almost any environment, but it is not suitable for popularization because of its high price. Titanium is light, high specific strength and corrosion resistant. It is a kind of valve metal.

          At a certain potential, anodic passivation on the titanium surface results in the formation of an oxide film with a valve action that is non-conductive in the anode state and electrically conductive in the cathode state. Using titanium as the matrix, plated with platinum, platinum electrode made of titanium, even if the anode surface with holes, will not corrode in hole, because when it is used as the anode is energized, the holes will automatically be the random filling film. Platinum plated titanium anodes of taijin is easy to make. The coating is controllable in thickness, variable in size, light in weight and low in chlorine releasing potential. It is suitable for use in sea water.

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