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Solve One Customer's Watertreatment Anode Problem Of Mine
Nov 18, 2016

A customer of my titanium MMO anode ask me a question.It is a question many of us could ask.

Question: Why the colour of uncoated side is not the titanium raw material colour? 

Answer:As we see below picture,the right side the our MMO coated colour adn the left side is the uncoated side.

The colour of uncoated raw titanium material oxidized after sintering of more than 500 degree temperature.

Compare with the raw titanium material,oxidized layer has 2 advantages in anode using process.

  1. After electrify may help increase product stable performance and improve conductive preformance.

  2. Extending the lifespan of anode.

There is only one disadvantage is perhapes the looking.

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